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More tales from the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

Hey folks. It has been a while since I have updated the site so apologies. We are still very much Paleo and still dip in and out of the Autoimmune Protocol. After getting back on the autoimmune horse after a while I realised how much we had come to rely on eggs and a few […]

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The Real Food Company in Alsager

One of the most difficult aspects, for most of us, when following the paleo diet is finding the quality ingredients needed to prepare a nutritious paleo meal. Most supermarkets really don’t cut it; they are the size of an aircraft hanger but once you’ve ignored the breakfast cereals, bread, fruit juices, additive-laced tinned and jarred […]

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Intermittent Cardio – HIIT Running Strategies

If you have spent any time at all in the Paleo / Primal ecosystem you have likely come across the term Chronic Cardio along with a general dislike of everything cardio. Whether it is Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson or another one of the Paleo stalwarts it would seem the dislike of cardio is well established. […]

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a cold day

Cold, Shivering, & Sleep – Evolutionary Fat Loss Tools?

There is a tendency amongst folks, be that scientists, fitness people or just your everyday folks like you and me to find a single solution to a given problem and fat loss and body composition fall firmly into that category. Some will tell us it is too many calories, too many carbs, not enough activity, […]

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The trouble with fad diets is…………..

I was chatting to someone, who works for a medical company, about the Paleo diet, we’d talked in the past about what constitues being Paleo & he had a general understanding of the principles. He mentioned that he’d had chance to speak to an endochrinologist who worked for the same company as he does & had […]

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Bacon and avocado breakfast wraps

I wish I could be super-organised in the mornings and get up as soon as the alarm sounds, but that rarely happens for me. Usually I’m racing against the clock and subsequently looking for a quick but nutritious breakfast before I leave the flat; let’s be honest, the one thing (and probably the only thing) […]

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paleo fruit and vegetables

The Perfect Human Diet

In 2009, my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) yet 3 years on, we are living symptom free. Much of this is due to the the Paleo Diet and way of living. I have spent nearly three years reviewing all the many healthy diets to ensure we are doing the right thing and keep […]

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UK Government ‘Calorie reduction pledge’

I was interested to read on the BBC web site that England footballer Steven Gerrard & chef Jamie Oliver are co-signatories of a letter, sent to the prime minister, asking for cooking & nutrition classes be added to the school curriculum. The article also stated that the government was committed to tackling obesity & had […]

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