Paleo Vs. Multiple Sclerosis – Matt Embry

There is currently a lot of buzz in the Paleo world about Terry Wahls and her beating back of her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms with a Paleo style diet and a whole bunch of vegetables and that is a pretty kick ass story. Still, a long time ago, 15 years or more, before we had this here Internet in all it’s current glory, a young man called Matt Embry was diagnosed with MS at only 18 years old and he too, through the support of his father and family discovered that a Paleo diet can beat back the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and allow you to live a happy, healthy life.

Direct MS

Direct MS stands for DIet REsearch into the Cause and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and is a registered charity that was set up to research and understand the causes and possible dietary treatments for Multiple Sclerosis. The story is fully covered in the video below of Matt Embry now, a happy, successful, healthy man who has beaten some fairly aggressive onset MS symptoms into a cocked hat with a dietary approach.

Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

If you want more information on fighting MS with diet there are several good sources online. I would check out the Autoimmune Paleo protocol from Robb Wolf, the Direct MS site itself has a heap of great information on there, MSRC has a whole bunch of paleo and best bet style dietary information and the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis site. The last one is not strictly Paleo, but the approach can be tweaked a little to make it Paleo and it is still a great source of MS related diet and lifestyle information.

My wife has MS and we fight it with diet pretty successful so far at 3 years in and she is running the London Marathon this year for MSRC so I have been on this diet vs MS tip for three years or more so… if you have any questions, fire a comment below or give us a shout on Twitter at @PaleoQnA

About Marcus

Husband to an amazing wife who was diagnosed with MS nearly three years ago. Since then we have been fighting, and winning with the help of the Paleo diet and the ancestral health movement. Dedicated to sharing the lifestyle we use to keep beating MS and to helping others with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

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  1. Mirjana February 28, 2017 at 5:38 pm #

    Hi Marcus , so happy to see your letters about MS diet . I’m diagnosed in 2015 & refused any medication.Changed diet, still searching for good & trying to see what is not good for me. Definitely fermented is good and gluten free,non diary room. Thank you for sharing .I would like to be in touch for more info
    Best wishes M. morrison

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