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gluten & gliadin

Contains Gluten – Hidden Sources of Gluten

We follow a pretty strict Paleo diet and are currently trying to switch to a couple of months of the even stricter autoimmune protocol but despite following a diet that is generally just meat and veg I still find some surprising sources of gluten and wheat. I am not trying to be super strict about reading the […]

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Diet and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – A Letter to the BBC

Earlier today it was announced in the news that Jack Osbourne has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Jack is the son of our own Ozzy Osbourne who was born and lived a few short miles from where we live in Birmingham, UK so whilst Jack comes from the US this story kind of feels close to home. […]

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Dr Terry Wahls fights MS with diet

Paleo vs MS – Terry Wahls

Last week I posted a video showing Matt Embry, diagnosed with MS in 1995 and some fairly heavy duty symptoms he has put the disease into remission using a Paleo style diet developed by his father, with some input from the Godfather of Paleo Loren Cordain and detailed over at Direct-MS (DIet REsearch into the Cause and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis). […]

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paleo fruit and vegetables

My Paleo Story

Why Paleo? It’s a good question after all. If you are considering a dietary change there is a good chance you have a reason and are trying to determine if out of the myriad dietary options out there, is the Paleo Diet the right one for you? Is the Paleo diet the right diet for […]

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multiple sclerosis

Paleo Vs. Multiple Sclerosis – Matt Embry

There is currently a lot of buzz in the Paleo world about Terry Wahls and her beating back of her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms with a Paleo style diet and a whole bunch of vegetables and that is a pretty kick ass story. Still, a long time ago, 15 years or more, before we had this […]

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