Paleo vs MS – Terry Wahls

Dr Terry Wahls fights MS with dietLast week I posted a video showing Matt Embry, diagnosed with MS in 1995 and some fairly heavy duty symptoms he has put the disease into remission using a Paleo style diet developed by his father, with some input from the Godfather of Paleo Loren Cordain and detailed over at Direct-MS (DIet REsearch into the Cause and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis).

Terry Wahls

This week I want to put the spotlight on Terry Wahls, a clinical professor of medicine diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) in in 2000. With RRMS there are periods of disability usually followed by a period of improved or relieved symptoms. By 2003 Terry was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS), the kind that offers no remission and only a progressive downward spiral and needed a motorised chair.

There is more information over at Terry’s site but in brief, Terry knew that the research models are usually 20 to 30 years ahead of clinical practice so she dove into PubMed and started to research drug options. That soon led to a search for vitamins that helped with brain illnesses which helped slow the progression of the illness but in 2007, she thought what if she got these vitamins from diet?

Well, I could go into more detail, but I would rather you heard it from the horses mouth so take a look at this TedX talk with Terry Wahls (fully ambulatory and somewhat recovered through her Paleo style diet that she researched).

Research Biochemistry

One thing that jumps out at me is that Terry went back to basics and started to restudy Research Biochemistry and it was this knowledge that helped her develop this very diet. How interesting then that our very own Paleo badass Robb Wolf is also a research biochemist? Clearly, having a steeping that allows the understanding of human biochemistry comes in somewhat handy when researching diet.

The Terry Wahls Protocol

Terry outlines what you can do to beat MS in her book, Minding my Mitocondria and the profits from this (somewhat expensive) book go towards more research and clinical studies to help get this approach mainstream. So, it is not cheap, but if you can afford it, please do buy it. Alternatively, follow Terry on Facebook for lots of free advice and help.

Paleo vs MS

This is just another n=1 but as we keep on adding these up, then this becomes harder and harder for the mainstream to ignore and we can all help get this message out. Please comment below if you have any experience with Paleo and MS or any autoimmune disease for that matter. Also, please share this article with the social icons below and remember to Google Plus us as it helps us get this message out there!

Coming up in the next few weeks I will take a look at the Paleo Autoimmune protocol along with an article on Loren Cordain and all he has done to help kick MS and other autoimmune diseases into touch for so many people.

About Marcus

Husband to an amazing wife who was diagnosed with MS nearly three years ago. Since then we have been fighting, and winning with the help of the Paleo diet and the ancestral health movement. Dedicated to sharing the lifestyle we use to keep beating MS and to helping others with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

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  1. Ree* May 29, 2012 at 4:24 am #

    I am an RN diagnosed w/ RRMS back in 1989. As an OR nurse, it began ro become difficult to stand 10-12 hrs on my feet. I did it for 8+1/2 more yrs & had to go out on disability, as I began tripping & falling & dropping instruments.
    I have progressed to Secondary Progressive MS & I have been on Dr. Wahls’ Paleo Plan since 2/10. Skeptical at first, (as I always am,) I watched all her videos & decided to give it a try. I also had a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) in the year 2000 & have been going back to Chicago, where it was done, each year for the last 10 years. It has halted progression & my MRI remains unchanged in 10 years. This year, I went back in early April & doubled my walking from last year! Might not be big to some people, but to me & my neuro doc out there, we were ecstatic! I couldn’t do it last year. So in 4 months, going gluten free & dairy free, & following the “colorful” diet, I have definitely seen a difference. I was hoping for more,by now, but won’t give up. I generally feel better, my migraines are few & far between. My balance seems a bit better & my hand grips are definitely stronger. I can tell by lifting a gallon of milk, a heavy saute pan or a filled tea kettle.
    I also have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis & am eager to see my June bloodwork, in case things have changed. I hope & pray to have more recovery like Dr. Wahls, so I won’t give up the ship. I like that she has it scientifically based, did tons of research & I found her. Still have to do a few more things I haven’t done yet, like electrical stimulation, but will ask my neuro doc about that too. I am trying to spread the word, so everyone can see the light & eat to live, NOT live to eat!! THANKS DR. WAHLS!!!

    • marcusmiller May 29, 2012 at 8:01 am #

      Hey, thanks for commenting, that is a really inspiring story. Have you taken a look at the work of Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain? Robb has designed an autoimmune protocol that can be tried for thirty days. It is dairy, grains, legume free and no nightshade plants or nuts for 30 days with a reintroduction to see how you do.

      There is a quick overview here but I can’t recommend the book enough:

      Keep us posted on how you are getting on!

    • Jason May 30, 2012 at 8:19 am #

      Hey Ree,

      That’s a really inspiring story and hopefully you will continue to see further improvements. As Marcus mentioned, the removal of legumes, seeds, nuts, eggs & the nightshade family may also help fight auto-immune problems. Good luck with the bloodwork results and please keep us informed of your progress.


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