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Intermittent Cardio – HIIT Running Strategies

If you have spent any time at all in the Paleo / Primal ecosystem you have likely come across the term Chronic Cardio along with a general dislike of everything cardio. Whether it is Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson or another one of the Paleo stalwarts it would seem the dislike of cardio is well established. […]

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getting exercise playing frisbee with the family

Exercising as a Family – Caveman Style

With the ‘never a spare minute’ way we all seem to live nowadays it can be hard to find time for parents to go and do their own regular exercise several times a week. Equally, getting kids out and exercising is not always easy during summer holidays or breaks when you still have to work and […]

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a crossfit workout

10 Minute Workouts

I find myself ever more interested in Crossfit from an ‘elite fitness’ and maximum results from a minimum time investment but the daily workouts posted on are just so damn tough. The general idea is that Crossfit provides all round fitness, unlike say jogging, that gets you good at, well, jogging, Crossfit gets you […]

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Runner doing some HIIT cardio training

Paleo Marathon Training – 12 Month Plan

I have done some digging and seemingly, there is no good resource out there for Paleo marathon training. If you stumbled across this hoping it would be it, well, sorry, this is day 1, of what is going to be a 12 month study into the best way to train for a Marathon, to do […]

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