Paleo autoimmune protocol friendly herbs and spices

Chilli Free Spices and Seasoning’s

It’s always the things you never thought about that trip you up in life and it was that way for us with our first bash at the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. We were already pretty rigid Paleo but we did eat a lot of nuts, seeds, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. Most worrying was the amount of […]

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Milk protests

We all loved a glass of milk as a child and it still has a fond place in my heart today, although no longer a place in my fridge. I am lucky (if you see it that way) as I tolerate milk and dairy well, in fact I seem to tolerate most food & drinks quite well. […]

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getting exercise playing frisbee with the family

Exercising as a Family – Caveman Style

With the ‘never a spare minute’ way we all seem to live nowadays it can be hard to find time for parents to go and do their own regular exercise several times a week. Equally, getting kids out and exercising is not always easy during summer holidays or breaks when you still have to work and […]

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healthy food available on the paleo diet

Shopping for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

If you have an autoimmune disease we have to take the Paleo diet a step further and do a thirty day elimination diet to test for sensitivities to nuts, eggs & nightshade vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, aubergines & potatoes. It also makes sense (if you can hack it) to remove coffee for the 30 days […]

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gluten & gliadin

Contains Gluten – Hidden Sources of Gluten

We follow a pretty strict Paleo diet and are currently trying to switch to a couple of months of the even stricter autoimmune protocol but despite following a diet that is generally just meat and veg I still find some surprising sources of gluten and wheat. I am not trying to be super strict about reading the […]

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using an inner lid to keep the pickles submerged

Fermented Vegetables Recipe – Homemade Probiotics

With the relentless barrage of advertising for yogurt drinks with ‘beneficial bacteria’ ‘gut friendly bacteria’ or simply ‘good bacteria’ it’s likely that most of us understand the benefit of getting some probiotic bacteria in our diets. The problem is, many of these yogurt drinks are not the natural or most healthy way to do this […]

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Home made fermentation jars

Since starting the Paleo diet one of the things that has intrigued me the most is the importance of eating fermented foods. Up until starting Paleo I couldn’t tell you when the last time I ate something fermented was, sure alcohol is fermented – and most of us enjoy that every once in a while […]

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homemade avocado stuffed grass fed beef burgers

Homemade Avocado Stuffed Grass Fed Beef Burgers Recipe

Homemade beef burgers (grass fed of course) are a favourite of ours at home and McDaddy’s is on the way to replace McDonalds as a favourite for the kids (I just need to supply the burgers in a cute box and with an instantly forgettable toy and I think i’ll have that fiendish Ronald McDonald bested for […]

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paleo pancakes made without nut flour or eggs

Paleo Pancakes – Autoimmune Protocol Recipe

This is a great Paleo pancake recipe that does away with the need for any nut flours or eggs but does not compromise on the taste. This is perfect for those of you looking to keep your Omega 6 in check (too much nut flour is no good thing) and works as a recipe for […]

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paleo friendly flours

Better Paleo Flours – Autoimmune Friendly

When you first go Paleo, lots of the foods you used to eat are no longer available to you, and if you did a lot of baking this means many of the healthy, home cooked foods you used to prepare have to be taken off the menu. This is problematic, as in these busy lives […]

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